“Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.”

A one-time donation today will help rescue babies and mothers from the devastating impact of poverty

By partnering with Compassion’s Child Survival Program, you help save the lives of infants and children affected by poverty and give the assistance they desperately need for a healthy start in life and a bright future. You will be redirected to Compassion.com to manage your donation.

$100 helps provide a woman access to a skilled attendant during the birth of her child.

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Compassion’s Child Survival Program provides pregnant mothers enrolled in the program access to a skilled birth attendant, a provision that saves many lives. In most communities, this involves helping the mother receive care at a local hospital or clinic (including transportation and health care costs). In some rural areas, a skilled birth attendant may provide a safe delivery at the home.

$63 helps provide a Survival Specialist with a backpack filled with the supplies needed to care for moms and babies.

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Some items included are: First Aid Kit, scale, sanitation supplies, oral rehydration therapies, Bible, age-appropriate toys, books, soap, towels, etc. These help specialists care for moms and babies during home visits.

$52 helps churches ensure a child has access to all needed vaccinations up through their 4th birthday, among other life-saving interventions.

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$52 is the average amount needed to provide vaccinations for babies cared for in Compassion’s Child Survival Program.

$44 helps churches provide a month worth of food and/or nutritional supplements to ensure that moms and babies are not malnourished.

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Although costs vary per country, $44 is the average amount needed to provide for the nutritional needs of one mom and one baby for one month.

—- Looking for a bigger impact? ——-

A gift of $4500 can help Compassion partner with a local church to start a new Child Survival Program in a needy community.

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The need for child survival services is great, and Compassion is opening many new programs within vulnerable communities around the world.

A gift of $25,000 will fully fund a Child Survival Center serving between 40 and 100 mother-child groups for an entire year.

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