“Whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.”

Help Them Thrive

Should I play music to the womb to stimulate my baby’s prenatal brain?

Art, music, or gym classes for my toddler?

Preschool? Homeschool? How much TV?

These are some of the choices today’s American parents consider as we care for the early development of our children. We care deeply for our children and want the best for them!

Mothers in the developing world also care deeply for their children and have dreams for how their lives will turn out. But their understanding of childhood development is usually very limited, the choices they face are more fundamental, and the threats to the success of their children go far beyond watching too much TV.

Read below to learn about some of these challenges and how you can stop the impact of extreme poverty on little ones through the Child Survival Program.

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Blogger Heather Whittaker (Whittaker Woman): Parenting Advice Gone Wrong

Yesterday as part of the El Salvador bloggers trip we visited a church in El Salvador that runs a Compassion Child Survival Program for local moms. Heather Whittaker was with us, and really enjoyed caring for the babies we met and experiencing the stories of these moms. Read more

Blogger Kelly Stamps (Kelly’s Korner): Child Survival Program

These mothers have to be taught how to love their children and how to take care of them. They are taught how to play with them and help develop their babies. Read more

Blogger and Photographer Keely Marie Scott: Babies, moms, and Compassion

We are so privileged to have the amazing (and uber-fun) photographer Keely Marie Scott with us on our El Salvador trip, and today we saw the Child Survival program in action and had a great experience.

She also mentioned the … Read more

Hope for Fantu

In Wolisso, Ethiopia, hope is something often wished for but seldom realized. Such was the case for 25-year-old Fantu Shume. With her husband unemployed and the cost of living ever on the rise, Fantu did what she could to provide … Read more

In Wolisso, Ethiopia, Project Representative Solomon Fekadu sees the visual effects of hope

Born and raised in Wolisso, Ethiopia, Wolisso Mulu Wongel Believers’ Project Representative Solomon Fekadu knows all too well how extreme poverty affects a community. He saw it in the eyes of grieving mothers who had to bury their children before … Read more

Called to work within the community where he grew up, Pastor Markus Tirkey serves mothers and children in east India.

Born and raised a Hindu in Tukuria, a crowded tea garden community in northeast India, Markus Tirkey encountered God at an early age. After a local pastor prayed for him, he was completely healed of life-threatening asthma. His healing so … Read more

Child Survival Specialist, Teresa Tigga, in Tukuria, east India

Like most of the families living in the Leesh Tea Garden estate in Tukuria, east India, Teresa Tigga grew up experiencing poverty firsthand. Most residents work in the tea garden and earn less than U.S.$1 a day. About 75 percent … Read more

A child saved and a community lifted

The Leesh Tea Garden, a poverty-stricken community in Tukuria, east India, is home for Juna Dorjee and her son, Pushkar.

During her first pregnancy, Juna lost twins to a miscarriage caused by poor diet and health. When difficulties arose carrying … Read more

Kanchi’s Story

They suffered the tragic loss of two babies, and Kanchi nearly died herself from one of the childbirth experiences. Despite her very poor health, Kanchi became pregnant again, but this time she was able to enroll in her community’s new Child Survival Program. Read more

Blogger Molly Piper: One of the Reasons I’m Stoked for My Compassion Trip

Molly Piper is one of the bloggers participating in Compassion’s upcoming blogger trip to El Salvador (I’m going on the trip myself and I can’t wait to experience Compassion’s ministry firsthand and get to know these bloggers who support Compassion).

She recently blogged about the trip and mentioned Child Survival… Read more

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